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Being a parent is not easy! This is what I Ginta and my Husband Janis said to each other after a particularly long summer day when our little ones Džeina and Megija (4 and 2) did pretty much everything that children do to exhaust their parents. Toys were broken, food was thrown, and an unreasonable amount of fun was had. Albeit not for us, haha!

The problem wasn't necessarily a lack of activities or our attention since we both work from home. It wasn't even the 150 different toys that can only do the job for 10 minutes. Parents will understand. The problem was a lack of engagement. You simply cannot trick a 2-year-old brain. You better be telling the truth instead of pretending that Thomas The Train in a different room, is something new and exciting.

We wanted our children to be engaged in whatever it was they were doing, and we knew that the emergency phone or tablet cartoon marathon wasn't going to cut it. Not in our family.

A certain shift in our perception occurred that summer evening.
We realized that the little fun-seeking brain is never going to be satisfied, but what if instead of fun, we focused on problem-solving. Something that truly occupies the mind fully.

 From there the concept was created. Unique, beautifully designed, accessible to anyone printable workshops that are fun, but most importantly creative and educational.

Of course we knew perfectly well that a piece of paper will simply be walked over by our always restless girls, but what if that piece of paper presented a problem? A shape to memorize and match. A mask to cut out. A doll to dress up.

Ideas were flooding and soon enough our first coloring book and printable workshop met their partners in crime! The girls were at first curious, possibly calculating how many paper planes could be folded from the set, but more on the different shapes and what should be done with them. After a little guidance and a couple of tries, (the beauty of printables eh) we left the girls with their own creative experience. Fast forward about 6 minutes, the sound of tiny bare feet( Tu Tu) running down the hallway proceeds closer and closer. Anticipating the demand for a different activity, or the holy grail - Peppa The Pig cartoon I was left speechless as to what they wanted instead. Mommy Mommy, do you have more papers? We already finished these!

Well, if you had to ask, that was the moment Tu Tu Family was born